Invoicing software for African college

One memorable event connected with the invoicing software happened with me when I was in a business trip in Egypt. Our enterprise is using invoicing software for 10 years. Of course we used not only one program but few different because invoicing programs are improving very fast so you need to follow the progress also. When I was in Egypt I was meeting my business partners. I had my laptop and with me and was sending some invoices using my online invoicing software.

My business partner Amun was never using something like invoicing software so he was amazed by my program. He was asking a lot about my invoicing software and even asked me to try to create an invoice. When I came back home I sent Amun a present. Guess what? Yes, it was invoicing software. I bought a membership and sent him by email.

After some weeks I received feedback from my African college. He said that invoicing program saved him a lot of time and simplified the process of invoicing. Invoicing programs was not very popular in Egypt that time. Amun said that all his friends, who owns some business, were interested into invoicing software. They didn’t need my help anymore because they could buy invoicing system’s membership by themselves using internet.

Again I was convinced of necessity to exchange with an experience with foreign colleges. It always brings positive impact on business. Now I am looking forward to business trip to Asia and I think I can share my experience in using different gadgets and software in business. By-turn, they will share they approach to business with me. I am going to spend 3 weeks in Thailand. That’s why I hope I will be able to discover a lot of interesting there. If you also are interested, wait for my review of the trip. After some month I will post it here.


24 okt 2012